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(this page is under construction and will be more elaborate in the near future)

A Revisited Story of Decline (2019)

An animated story about far right ideology that tries to strike a balance between gaining some much needed knowledge about and creating unwanted propaganda for this fringe internet culture.
project: three screens showing three perspectives.
1: an animated look into the ideology of the online far-right, from radicalization to action.
2: selected content written by Brenton Tarrent, the terrorist who killed 51 people in Christchurch, New Zealand in March 2019.
3: my own perspective, my comments and definitions of terms mentioned in the other two screens.
tools: animation, graphic design


Alt Reality Lexicon (2018)

Every key point in the ideology of the online far right is mirrored in their expressions, their aesthetic, behavior and in their vocabulary. To gain a deeper understanding of the views of the online far-right it is key to be able to understand their language.
project: a mediawiki and a printed publication both acting as a lexicon
tools: coding, writing, graphic design

A Travelguide to the Open City (2019)

An investigative piece of media that will be used as an interface between a digital representation of WORM and its physical walls to explain their new two-year plan: The Open City.
project: two videos exploring WORMS physical and digital realities to travel through
tools: animation, video, graphic design

R.E.S.T. (2017)

R.E.S.T., Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy, is a multidisciplinary installation where universal tendencies of escapism find expressions in commodified REST.
project: an installation in which 5-10 performers interact with the audience based on a loosely created script. In the space their are different media sharing information and related content.
tools: installation with animation, sound, graphic design, performance